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International Post Corporation

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)

Who will attend
Meet Senior Decision Makers from the following industry sectors:

Consumer Products
Food & Drink

With The Following Job Titles:
  • Director of Sustainable Development
  • Health, Safety & Environment Directors
  • Corporate Affairs Directors
  • VP/Director/Head of Sustainability
  • VP/Head of CSR
  • Director, Environmental Stewardship
  • Procurement Directors
  • Technical Directors
  • Head of Environmental Affairs
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of Natural Resources

  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Packaging & Suppliers
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Logistics/Distribution Systems
  • Data Modeling/Analysis Solutions
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Environment Consultancy
  • National Government Organizations
  • Sustainability Communications
  • Environmental Building Design
  • Traceability Technology

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  LCA Sustainable Supply Chain USA 2010

Speakers Include

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How To Measure, Prioritize And Reduce Social And Environmental Impacts In The Most Effective Manner

As climate change concerns increase, relevant stakeholders are pushing companies more than ever before to take responsibility to account for and reduce the impacts of their products. This is not just within a company’s operations, but across the entire life cycle. How to account for these impacts accurately and how transparency can be improved to allow for comparable benchmarking are the key issues that need to be addressed.

As well as this, companies must also look at how different initiatives affect their bottom line. When resources are limited, but there is potential for strong economic growth where should you focus your efforts now and where should you focus your efforts in the future? Businesses must assess where their greatest impacts are and how they can prioritize those efforts to most effectively reduce their social and environmental impacts. Leading companies, NGO’s and policy makers will answer all of these questions in the LCA Sustainable Supply Chain USA 2010.

Understand How To Prioritize And Focus Your Efforts

Now the seventh event in our International Sustainability Series, the LCA Sustainable Supply Chain USA 2010 has evolved to meet the demands of today’s CSR and Environmental Affairs Strategists. Based on feedback from the previous six events and over 50 in depth research calls of multi national companies involved in the consumer goods industry, this event aims to present a truly unique approach to addressing companies CSR and sustainability initiatives.

This event will give companies strategies from the pioneers in the field, which they can take away to measure, prioritize and reduce their social and environmental impacts in the most effective manner. At the same time it will provide insights on creating more transparency in reporting and how companies can capitalize on trends in the future.

This two day summit offers a diverse, yet focused perspective for companies involved in the consumer goods industry:

  • Plenary sessions offering fresh perspectives to all companies
  • Break out sessions focusing on one of two sections:
    • Food And Drink Companies:
    • Consumer Products Companies, Including Electronics

The first day of this summit will look at how to account for impacts through out the life cycle and creating transparency through standards, while the second day will look into specifics areas of the life cycle and show how companies have been successful in reducing their impacts in those areas.

Key Learning Benefits Include:

  • Presenting Practical Examples & Case Studies On How To Address Specific Areas Of The Life Cycle & Supply Chain
  • Hear Key Insights From Companies Doing Life Cycle Assessments Of Their Products: What Is The Commercial Advantage & Where Are They Focusing Their Efforts?
  • Identify Opportunities For Mutual Co-Operation With Suppliers
  • Learn How To Apply The Latest Standards For Business Decision Making And Understand Where Standards Are Heading
  • Discover How To Capitalize On Future Policy And Economic Trends
  • Realize How To Communicate The Complicated Sustainability Message To Key Stakeholders

Ethical Performance
Company Environmental Leader
CSRwire Company
Triple Pundit CSE

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Speakers Include
James R. Hagan
Vice President, Sustainability and Environment
William P. Flanagan
Ecoassessment Leader
General Electric Company
James Gowen
Vice President - Supply Chain Operations
Verizon Services Operations
Ken Wengert
Director Of Health, Safety And Environment
Kraft Foods
Charlene Wall-Warren
Manager, Sustainability Communications North America
BASF Corporation
Lee Kindberg
Director, Environment
Maersk Inc.
Chris Librie
Director - Global Sustainability
SC Johnson
Kim Marotta
Vice President Corporate Responsibility
MillerCoors LLC
Connie D. Hensler
Director of Corporate Life Cycle Assessment Programs
Interface, Inc.
David Spitzley
Product Sustainability Manager
Doug Palmer
Director Of Quality and Strategy
Jeff Senne
Director Of Performance, Sustainability And Corporate Social Responsibility
Kevin Moss
Head Of Corporate Social Responsibility
BT Americas Inc
John Plyler
Manager, Supply Chain Corporate Responsibility
Motorola, Inc.
Richard Goode
Senior Director Of Sustainability
Chrystina Gastelum
Manager Supply Chain Program
Carbon Disclosure Project
David Rich
GHG Protocol
World Resources Institute
W. Richard Gartman
Product Stewardship Manager, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
Texas Instruments
Douglas P. Scott
Illinois EPA
Coleman Bigelow
Product Director - Sustainable Brand Marketing
Johnson & Johnson
Mark Small
VP Environment, Health And Safety
Sony Corporation
Paul Comey
VP Environmental Affairs
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Jay Celorie
Social and Environmental Sustainability
Ann M Bowles
GHG Program
Gina McCarthy
Assistant Administrator (Head) of Air & Radiation
Sherilyn Broderson
Ethical Sourcing Manager
Cadbury USA
Dr. Stan Rhodes
President and CEO
Scientific Certification Systems
Margaret Henry
Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist
Robert Filek
Retail and Consumer Partner